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    Maximising the great outdoors as the nights draw in


    Nov, 2017

    It’s that time of year again. The joy of an extra hour in bed on a Sunday morning quickly followed by the familiar arrival of darker evenings arriving even earlier. I’m an ardent runner and probably like many others who like to exercise outdoors in the evenings, this is the time of year when I ask myself the same question: should I simply take my running indoors and swap the lanes and paths near my home for a safe option such as a treadmill at our local gym?

    As a lighting professional, it’s clear that I’m not alone in feeling that a well-lit environment outdoors gives a sense of security. Public safety is of course critical, but it also poses councils with a financial dilemma - how to ensure outdoor spaces are suitably illuminated without putting pressure on municipal budgets.

    Advances in LED technology are now offering a solution for city dwellers and council leaders alike.  Connected Street Lighting can help save energy and improve outdoor safety. Together with the Philips CityTouch system we can help local authorities keep the lights on for longer and at a lower cost. That’s because our latest LED technology uses less energy.

    Maximising the great outdoors as the nights draw in: lighting advice for runners and budget challenged council authorities

    In addition, remote light management with CityTouch enables councils to deliver different light levels and varying switching on and off times in various parts of the city. That can mean ensuring the right level of light for different areas (e.g. a brighter light for a public football pitch) and in a way that is economically viable. Furthermore, the trouble shooting feature of the Philips Service tag App allows councils to detect and fix street lighting failures faster. Our System Ready luminaires also enable local authorities to add presence detectors to light fittings, ensuring lights are only on when needed by pedestrians and cyclists, further reducing energy consumption, while not compromising Public Safety.

    If all cities start adapting to these latest LED and Future Proof solutions, we should soon have a time when we will find well-lit local outdoor running routes even in winter, saving us money on gym memberships and councils money off monstrous energy bills. For now, my mission is to raise more awareness of the Smart City solutions on offer and how public safety can be enhanced with the right Street Lighting whilst addressing council budget reality.

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