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    Intelligent asset management in the world of internet of Things


    March, 2017

    For anyone responsible for maintaining and improving a city’s lighting infrastructure, these are interesting times.


    As outdoor lighting becomes digital, LED light sources, luminaires, lighting controls, sensors and software can be combined into integrated, intelligent systems that adapt to the ebb and flow of urban activity. Harnessing the digital potential of LED luminaire technology also allows city authorities to save energy, reduce maintenance costs and achieve their wider ambitions of creating vibrant, liveable urban environments for their citizens.


    In the future, connectivity will continue to spread beyond what we are currently experiencing.   With the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s all about the data. Connected devices communicate expressly for the purpose of gathering data and sharing information about themselves, about the environment in which they are used and the people that use them.


    Choosing the right street lighting system allows for the expansion of capabilities at a later date, so cities can benefit from sensor-rich connected lighting.


    While LEDification in outdoor lighting is a growing trend due to the high level of light quality and energy efficiency, maintaining LED lighting systems requires different competencies and processes.  And, when coupled with the demands for rapid repair, safety and efficiency, can put added pressure on the city and installers responsible for maintaining and improving the lighting infrastructure.   


    Philips Service tag, a unique QR based identification system placed on all next generation Philips luminaires, provides easy identification of a luminaire, onsite access to installation manuals and much more, minimising complexity and facilitating intelligent asset management.

    service tag
    To learn more about how Philips Lighting Systems can help cities and local authorities manage their lighting assets more intelligently, please join me at HEN (Highway Electrical News) on the Road in Durham this week on the 29th March, and at Kempton Park Racecourse on 11th May or visit our Smart City page.

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