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    How connected lighting can get you on the road to becoming smarter


    March, 2017

    Kat Smartcity

    When I was 19, I was studying artificial intelligence at UC Berkeley.  We used to think of all the various responses a computer could have and put that into a program that would learn from various responses and evolve and get smarter.  Fast forward 25 years, we now live in a connected world where technology is influencing how we live, work and play.  Smart devices, from self-cleaning hoovers, self-parking and now self-driving cars, lights in the home, office, and street lights that come on only when presence is detected are more and more commonplace. 


    We generally want our cities to be smart and provide us with real time data that makes our lives better.  At the same time, as the urban population grows, cities are faced with increasing costs and resource constraints. They have to do more with less.


    New technologies are helping city leaders to understand, shape and transform cities to meet these ever-changing demands.  The arrival of connected LED lighting offers even greater possibilities.


    Interested in learning more about how the right lighting infrastructure can enable you to better meet future requirements?  Check out The Times supplement on 14 March to find out more about how connected lighting can put a city or local authority on the road to becoming smarter.

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