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    Pure Sparkle that lasts

    February, 2017

    I can’t say I’m a fashion designer, but I can honestly say that I love everything about fashion and, of course, shopping. I think as a woman, it’s in my genes; a default factory setting. If nothing else, I enjoy just browsing through stores and window shopping to pass the time. Despite trends moving towards connected and online, I still love the instore experience; seeing the colours, feeling the fabrics and trying on new things still draws me into the store.


    Visiting physical stores, has the added advantage being able to pop into the changing rooms to make sure you buy the right sized clothing That said, it doesn’t always ensure you choose the right colour. How many times have you come home to find the black top you bought was actually navy!


    This issue is not just important for consumers; it’s a common problem for store owners as well. Stores need to look attractive and inviting so consumers can enjoy their shopping experience and want to come back, but they also need to ensure their lighting serves a functional purpose. Retailers look to achieve the best colour rendering they can, so that we get an accurate perception of a product before leaving the store. This can reduce the return rate and even increase the product quality perception of the brand. Ultimately, an attractive store will encourage shoppers like me to browse and shop for longer.

    Philips MASTERColour CDM Elite lamps provide assurance – it adds a unique sparkle to everything it illuminates, creating a punchy store ambience which attracts customers. The unique technology makes colours appear as vibrant as they do in sunlight (CRI 90). Colours appear warm, saturated and intense, while whites still look cool, crisp and bright.

    What’s more, Philips MASTERColour CDM Elite have a lifetime of more than 20,000 hours, with excellent lumen maintenance. This allows retailers to extend lamp replacement cycles and reduce maintenance costs. The excellent lumen maintenance and consistent light quality promises to give stores lasting sparkle, season after season.

    With these great benefits, it’s little wonder that our lamps are the preferred choice for stores around the world, with more than 220 million Philips CDM lamps sold since 1994. 

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