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    Planning for darker mornings

    October, 2016

    We all have those little personal reminders that the days are getting shorter.  For me, it starts with the early morning dog walks, torch in hand, and quickly progresses to shadowy walks to the station and the daily ritual of opening curtains onto dark windows before I leave the house.


    From early October, artificial lighting plays an increasingly important role in our daily routines.  And, while it’s easy to wait until lighting needs become urgent (e.g. a blown bulb or flickering light), planning ahead and anticipating your lighting needs for the darker months ahead, can open up a wealth of possibilities.


    In our home, planning ahead has meant organising an electrician to address a faulty fan and fitting in our upstairs bathroom, checking torch batteries and correcting how our outside lighting sensors interact with each other.


    Aside from functional benefits of good lighting, like deterring burglars and keeping everyone safer by identifying trip hazards, LED lighting can also substantially improve energy efficiency, create welcoming spaces and help people wake up refreshed.

    Planning for darker mornings

    LED lighting also offers considerable flexibility with some of the newest bulb innovations, offering multiple settings with just one bulb.


    For example, we recently replaced a standard bulb with a new SceneSwitch bulb in our son’s room. His room was the only one with a simple light switch as opposed to a dimmer.


    He can now choose between 3 lighting settings – bright lighting, natural lighting and warm lighting. Given he normally makes fun of my frequent lighting comments when we’re out in public, his understated “that’s cool” was well received.


    So, as the nights draw in and mornings get darker, it’s a great time to consider your home lighting needs and explore how lighting could deliver more than just illumination in your home and where you work.


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