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Outdoor Beautification in Autumn

September 2017

The arrival of autumn is upon us and along with these cooler days, come darker evenings. As someone who’s long been fascinated by the impact of light on how we feel, every year around this time of year I start wondering about whether I’ve got the right type of lighting at home to ward off the winter blues and maximise the small space where I live. And as someone who now works professionally in the lighting industry, it’s become even clearer to me that creating the right light in your outside living space, can be as important as lighting inside the home.


For those of us in the UK, increasing numbers of people are living in city environments, often in smaller places. Latest official figures suggest more than 8 out of 10 people in the UK now live in cities, a slight rise on the same numbers a decade earlier. Some of us don’t have any outside space at all, but for others living in flats or city terraces, it can mean a small balcony or patio, which come the winter - and with the right light - can feel almost like another room. So why not light it beautifully in the winter to illuminate winter plants, brickwork or garden fences rather than simply staring into pitch black gloom?

These days, opening up small spaces outdoors has never been easier. LED lighting delivers better quality light and is more directional so lighting a small space in a densely populated city doesn’t mean you have to light your neighbours’ gardens as well. Philips myGarden Fresco LED recessed spot lights offer a warm white light, are energy saving and especially designed for gardens and patios. You could place them as uplighters in a garden path or integrate in your decking for an inviting outside lounging space.


LED lighting outside also offers other environmental benefits as it delivers a different type pf light with much less upward glare. That means reduced light pollution of the night sky and reduced impact on wildlife, such as insects and small mammals.


But for me the most tangible benefit of outdoor lighting is the effect on how I feel. The pain of an early start in the winter is eased when my garden is lit and I can see the winter plants and the outside world beyond. More of us may be living in smaller spaces, but as lighting technology advances, it offers huge potential for us to make those spaces feel so much more appealing.


Discover more about how our garden range can beautify your garden into Autumn here:

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