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    Give him the gift of light this Father’s Day

    June, 2017

    I’ve recently started a new role at Philips Lighting - a very exciting adventure into the world of connected lighting! As part of my induction I was given a Hue White and Colour Starter Kit, along with a couple of bulbs and accessories to help me understand how the product works and really test it in anger with my family.


    I quite like new gadgets, so I went straight home, installed the bridge and changed the bulbs in the living room, hallway & my daughters nursey. It was all very simple! I played around with the huge range of colours with my daughter (16 million colours to be precise!), who thought it was a great fun to shout out the colours she wanted me to change the lights to. This was also a great distraction in the mornings when she woke up that bit too early, so I could get an extra 5 minutes in bed!).


    I have also explored the routines function of Hue - allowing me to set the lights to a warm light setting, gradually fading to a night light, helping her drop off to sleep. It also meant I didn’t have to creep into her room to turn the lights off myself, so no risk of waking her up!

    On the upstairs hallway, I also installed a sensor. This was great for those night time trips to check on the little one, meaning the lights would come on automatically at a low level and didn’t blind me when I was half asleep. I can really see the sensor helping in the months and years to come too, with no need for my daughter to turn on lights when she takes a night time trip to the toilet on her own.


    I’ve really enjoyed playing with the Hue connected lighting system; it’s been easy to install and use, and has already started to make a difference to how we use our lighting as a family.


    Discover how you can let your dad experience light in ways he's never imagined here.

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