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5 Ways Philips LED Downlights Can Enhance Your Home In 2017

January, 2017
Philips LEDs are economical, practical and add beauty to any setting. Downlighting expert Chris Horridge explains the 5 ways Philips LED downlights can enhance your home this year. Discover the full range at

1. Add Sophistication to Your Kitchen

LED Downlights are a favourite in many homes because they help to save energy. A kitchen is usually one of the busiest rooms in a home, so it is important to have lighting that is both economical and reliable. A well-lit kitchen invites members of the family to stay and talk for a while or to chop and cook under a clear, bright, lighting array.


When you are designing a particular look for a kitchen, you can select any style you like. It is unlikely that water from a sink will splash and reach the light, so an IP rating isn’t required. However, the downlights you use in your kitchen should be fire rated.

In our home, planning ahead has meant organising an electrician to address a faulty fan and fitting in our upstairs bathroom, checking torch batteries and correcting how our outside lighting sensors interact with each other.

2. Make Your Bathroom Luxurious

Bathrooms are made to feel more comfortable with the use of downlights. Unlike kitchen accents, downlights for bathrooms must be IP rated. This is for your safety since poor resistance to water could cause harm to you or your loved ones. 


Something you need to consider is which colour temperature do you desire? Do you want a modern, crisp cool white appearance? Or do you want to create a cosy, relaxing atmosphere? Philips DimTone LEDs can provide this setting as the colour appearance of the light becomes warmer, the lower the light is dimmed – perfect for relaxing!

3. Make Living Areas More Welcoming

Candle shaped bulbs used alongside downlights give the perfect effect for a relaxing dinner, whether you are inviting a special person over, celebrating an anniversary or just want some time alone. Dimmable LED lamps may also be used with downlights to add an extra feeling of cosiness at certain times.

4. Recessed Lighting Creates A Modern, Flawless Look To Your Rooms

LED downlights are the ideal choice for recessed lighting. This is a more modern, cleaner looking alternative to other lighting options.

5. Make Hallways More Welcoming

Hallways can tend to be forgotten at times. These areas are crucial parts of a home and deserve as much attention as a kitchen or living room. Make it easier for visitors and family members to find their way around the house by using LED downlights. Place them near points of entry which may be tricky to navigate.

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