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    Who has inspired you in your career?


    March, 2017

    With International Women’s Day this week, I’ve found myself reflecting on the people who have been an inspiration to me in my career.

    One colleague, a single mum and talented market researcher whose storytelling really brought customer insights to life, often travelled with her young son.  As the life of a working mum is rarely easy, balancing family and work commitments (whether single or married), she focussed on making the hours she had as effective and impactful as possible. 

    When I moved to the UK years ago, many employers and recruiters seemed to be looking for employees who fit moulds and ticked boxes.  With an unusual set of career experiences, I was lucky enough to connect with hiring managers who were building teams or transforming business models and valued transferable skills, experiences and mind-set over ticked boxes.  


    Since joining Philips 5 years ago, I’ve seen first-hand the difference inspirational leadership can make throughout the organisation.  One colleague turned a team re-organisation into an opportunity to move into a different sector within Philips.  She has since been promoted to a leading role, driving business transformation efforts.

    In another example, our new strong, visionary marketing lead has had a very positive impact, unlocking potential within the team and wider organisation.

    In each of these examples, I found these women to be authentic, professional and inspiring.  They’ve believed in what they’re doing and freely shared their wisdom, developing teams and leading by example. 

    Who’s inspired you in your career?

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