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    See your office in a new light


    March, 2017

    While commercial lighting upgrades have long been associated with energy efficiency and reduced cost of ownership, it’s encouraging to see growing attention on the value that lighting can deliver in terms of space utilisation and employee health and well-being. 


    Recent studies suggest that for every £1 spent on utilities, the average commercial occupier spends £9 on rent and a further £90 on payroll.1  Given the proportions of these figures, it’s beneficial to consider how key aspects of the workspace environment can be adapted to promote employee effectiveness and engagement. 


    This means looking beyond the functional benefits of the lighting, as well as considering the biological and emotional benefits on office worker wellbeing.  Older employees, for instance, prefer more light and appraise environments more positively at higher light levels than younger employees2. Studies also show that dimmed light conditions have been demonstrated to enhance creativity.3


    My colleague and researcher, Bianca van der Zande, will explore these findings and more in her presentation, Lighting’s Role in a Healthy Building, at Healthy Buildings Conference on 3rd April. 


    This conference, organised by BRE and Evora, will explore how to improve health and wellbeing in existing commercial properties and describe the practical steps owners and tenants can take to improve buildings within their existing budgets through improved thermal comfort, air quality, lighting and biophilic design.


    To learn how you could see your office in a new light, creating the right light for your employees and colleagues, join at Healthy Buildings or get in touch with us here.


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