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    Vic Morris reflects on being Philips UKI’s longest serving employee  


    16 May, 2018

    I left school like most people at that time – with absolutely no idea of what I wanted to do for a career and I found the perfect one by pure chance. Working with a friend delivering equipment to a variety of shops, I stumbled on a brochure in an electrical retailer from a company called Philips. They sounded fantastic, so I wrote to them and asked them about a possible job. Before I knew it (and after one missed interview), I was a member of the accounts payable team in the UK. That was 6th September 1971, 46 years ago, and a date I’ll always remember. 
    Vic Morris

    A lot has changed since then, both in terms of my role at the company, and within the company itself. In 1975, a commercial decision was made to create a new structure for the company, with new divisions focussed on things like video, audio, domestic appliances, business equipment and lighting.

    At one point, video and audio were merged. I was part of the merger working with accounts payable, as well as supervising the division’s data control and logistics. My role here was almost end-to-end, ensuring products were logged on the system; they were in stock; they were distributed to the relevant customers, as well as making sure the financials were accurate. In fact I was so integral to the process, the auditors deemed my job role as a vulnerability. They didn’t have to worry as I had no intentions of going anywhere else. I was flattered all the same.

    It’s during this time that I also saw the launch of the compact disc (CD). It’s a technology that must seem ancient to the youth of today! Back then however, the CD was considered very high-tech and it placed Philips firmly at the forefront of innovation. That’s another consistent thing I’ve seen over my many years here. As early generations of technology have become out-dated, Philips has always created newer, more sophisticated and future-proofed solutions. It’s never been a company which just stood still.

    Take the LED bulb, an innovation in itself only a few years ago, which can now be connected through smart home products, and LED lights which are part of highly programmable systems for the office. We’ve come an awfully long way from the basic lightbulb, and that’s a really great thing.

    Despite various location moves, job changes, and switches in division, Philips has been (and remains) a great place to work. I have loved the sense of community and informality. Feeling part of a company with a global footprint, which touches peoples’ lives on a daily basis across the world. Of course I’ve had the odd job interview over the years, but I’ve never found anything to match Philips!

    It’s certainly been an interesting 46 years! I’ve seen changes and innovation that I wouldn’t have thought possible back in the 1970s. And I fully expect the decades to come will be equally as exciting and rewarding for the company under its new name.

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