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    The final stages in external dynamic lighting: From order to completion and beyond


    August, 2017

    In the final part of the series, our Value Added Partner, LITE, are providing us with their top tips for lighting external landmarks. Read the previous part in the series here.

    After an order for a project is placed there will be wiring schematics provided. Once a contractor appointed, pre-start meetings (where all the system components are explained) can commence. These are vital, as the success of the install rests on a partnership approach. This is again an important part of the VAP role.

    Once the products are delivered to LITE there will be factory addressing of products, each fixture assigned an address which are noted by our technicians. Now the tricky bit… the client will need to create a story board of lighting scenes and timing triggers. Often it is a good idea to involve the event team from the council to co-ordinate scenes for special occasions and local events. All fixed dates such as Valentine’s Day can be pre-programmed. The number of events is not limited in terms of number, just by your imagination!

    Sunderland City are mid-way through a whole year of a storyboard created by LITE in conjunction with the landscape architects incorporating local event such as the Sunderland Airshow and Christmas illuminations.

    Once installed there will be lighting controls commissioning by the VAP. This is when the project gets to the exciting stage; the products will be aimed and the designer may tweak the end effect by changing lens to alter the beam widths.

    Very important is training. For the project to continue to impress for many years someone of responsibility needs to know how to make new programmes, how to upload new files and react to world events. Lastly but not least there will be photography, case studies and social media!

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