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    The Connected Future


    June, 2017

    At first it can be hard to image what a Connected Future could look like, especially with regards to lighting. However, it is now clear that connectivity is inevitable and in the next ten years the landscape will look noticeably different for office, retail, outdoor and beyond.

    In the future, imagine walking up to your office. Sensing your presence, the doors opens. As you walk over to your desk, the lighting adjusts to your preference. As you get closer, your computer logs you on and shows your schedule for the day. The fire alarms go off, signalling you are required to leave the building. Imagine that the building manager is sent a message, from the building management system, that everyone has safety exited the building.

    How does lighting fit into this high-tech future, I hear you ask? Lighting is everywhere. As you walk into your office, the lighting above you senses your smart phone or device and gives you access to your building. Once on the right floor, the lighting above your head tracks your movement to your desk and can connect to your computer.. This same technology tracks to ensure everyone has safety left a building in an emergency. Connectivity has grown beyond its promise. Cities are getting ‘smarter’ every day and facility managers in offices and industry are also discovering the potential of connected lighting as a resource for collecting data, saving energy and managing spaces. Connectivity offers a tremendous possibility to add value to your luminaires.

    Our growing portfolio of connected components smooths your path into this dynamic world. Our proposition is spearheaded by the Philips Xitanium SR drivers, Philips EasyAir sensors and Philips Field Apps which control and configure drivers and sensors by means of a smartphone. All work seamlessly with each other. So, step into smart lighting now and get connected with tomorrow’s market.


    Embrace the change with Philips OEM.

    The connected future

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