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    Kicking off the game in style with Philips ArenaVision

    December, 2016


    As a huge football fan travelling the country, even world to watch my team in action, I would say I’m somewhat passionate about this subject. Any football fan would agree that soaking up the atmosphere on match day cannot fully be experienced from the comfort of your sofa in front of your TV. The atmosphere on match day starts from the very moment you walk to the stadium. You can feel the buzz in the air, smell the onions from the food trucks grilling, match day scarfs being promoted, songs being sung and you are now immersed in a sea of supporters heading to the gates.


    Today with Philips ArenaExperience we can further build on this atmosphere prior to kick off, engaging with fans for longer than the 90 minutes of football. The Philips ArenaExperience enables Sporting Stadiums and Arenas to create theatrical shows through dimming and colour changing lighting systems, further evoking fans’ and players’ passions. Building on the atmosphere and hype before that first whistle is blown.


    Try picturing yourself in a stadium of 70,000 everyone eagerly awaiting their starting 11.  The lighting dims, like the start of a theatrical production. As the squad names are announced and the players come running out, the entire stadium is awash with flashing lights leaving fans mesmerised. The supporters roar as the lighting show creates an atmosphere any visiting team would fear!

    This is exactly how Juventus raise the curtains on their home games in the Series A with ArenaExperience. The club’s partnership with Philips Lighting is an integral part of their pre-match routines, wowing their fans and stadium crowds. The Bianconeri is now home to 396 LED devices on their roof!


    See the impact for yourself in the video of Philips Lighting ArenaExperience in action at Juventus Stadium.

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