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    Interview with Ron Arad - Moving freely between Design & Art we find Light inspiration

    July, 2018

    Working at Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) we are fortunate in that we work within an industry crossing many disciplines. We are often asked to create unusual or imaginative solutions, and looking for inspiration can take us in directions outside of our immediate industry.

    Ron Arad is a contemporary designer, famous for working with new materials and techniques over the last three decades, who crosses the boundaries of architecture / design / art. I met with him to find out about his approach to light, how this was reflected in his recent installations and how he uses light in his products and projects. 

    Ron’s studio is based on Chalk Farm Road, just north of London’s Camden town and opposite the Roundhouse. It was here the idea for “Curtain Call” came; the result of a conversation Ron Arad had when Marcus Davey (the roundhouse director) asked Ron over for lunch. When asked whether he would like to contribute to the annual art event held there every August, Ron’s response was interesting ‘I wanted something big and round, something like 360 degrees, walking images, immersive. I was joking and had no idea how I would achieve it’. Curtain Call has since travelled locally and abroad under the name of ‘720 degrees’.

    Ron Arad has often used light in his designs, and there are synergies in Curtain Call with other works produced by Ron. It is interesting to see how they have, if indirectly, influenced this piece. Examples of this are the Swarovski ‘Lolita’ pendant’  (Milan design week 2004) , ‘ Inverted Pinhole Camera Obscura’, and Ballpark, (the last two products shown at an exhibition called ‘delight in dedark’ (Milan 2001).


    What is of note is how the products and lighting installations often require a canvas to fully appreciate their function, and how the progression to this lighting installation (Curtain call) has developed almost organically.


    Ron is a revered designer for whom light is apparent in what he does for many of his projects, and products. It’s clear that he is driven and triggered by everything around him, and views everything visible as a stimulus for his creativity.

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