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    The unsung hero - Emergency Lighting

    February, 2017

    Emergency lighting can be something that goes under the radar to a building’s occupants however for lighting manufacturers, it is a top priority. For building owners and occupiers, correct compliance with fire, escape and emergency lighting regulations is critical.  For manufacturers of emergency lighting systems and components it is also critical that they understand BS 5266 Part 1:2016 and related Standards.  They need to produce light fittings and components that comply with standards. Not only do they need to meet requirements, but they need to work as faultlessly in the unlikely event of an emergency incident.  Most of the time they sit unnoticed in the ceiling, but when the time comes for their moment to shine, they ensure safety and peace of mind.

    Whilst function is important, it is equally as important to think about how to evacuate the occupants in an emergency. Fast panic-free evacuation can mean the difference between life and death. In the UK we have legislation that ensures building designs provide reliable, good quality emergency lighting with a minimum operation of 3 hours. When a Fire Officer assesses a building for compliance, he will be considering these elements before approving. 


    Philips Lighting are recognised experts in the development, manufacturing and application of innovative lighting solutions. However, in the UK, it is not a well-known fact that with Philips Bodine, the market leader in emergency lighting in North America, Philips Technology have almost 60 years’ experience in emergency lighting. 

    The Philips Technology Emergency Portfolio is the ideal choice for emergency lighting component needs, with a broad range of new construction and retrofit applications. We are committed to developing our range and are pleased to announce the launch of our TrustSight Gen2 component portfolio. We offer excellent performance, value and built-in protection to ensure safety and peace of mind. Flexible, reliable and smart.

    To discover more about Philips TrustSight Gen2, click here 

    Philips Lighting is a registered member of ICEL, demonstrating its emergency products are a benchmark for the lighting industry.

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