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    The oldest working light bulb in the world

    August 2017

    If you are heading off on your holidays this month, you might want to consider a visit to San Jose, California.  The Centennial Light Bulb has now made it to 115 years and in 2016 it surpassed 100,000 hours. You might be wondering what kind of lamp it is? It’s an incandescent bulb. Yes, you read that one right. It was declared the oldest working light bulb by The Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley’s Believe-It-or-Not. It makes you wonder if the incandescent technology will be the only technology to provide a bulb that will have 115 years in longevity? Time will tell.

    Located near San Jose, California, in the town of Livermore, Fire Station #6 is now the home of the oldest, still working incandescent bulb in the world: The Centennial Light Bulb. The lamp was first installed in 1901 in the old fire station where it stayed for 75 years. It was connected directly to the city power and subject to power surges. When the bulb was moved to its current location, in fire station #6, it was then connected to its own power source at 120V with a UPS back-up system. The UPS failed once for several hours and when turned back on, the bulb was using 60W again for the first few hours and then slowly dimmed to 4W.


    It doesn’t provide as much light as it used to and the colour of the bulb has changed over the century, but it is still on, gently lighting fire trucks at night.


    With LED lighting technology, we have significantly improved performance and lifetime over other bulb lamp technologies.  Will our current LED technology one day be able to last more than 100,000 hours? Bets are on, but most of us will probably never know.


    The great news is, now you don’t need to choose between the warm glow and bright filament of an incandescent and the lifetime of an LED. Discover the Philips LEDClassic now:

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