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    Philips StyliD PerfectBeam: Shining a new light in museums

    November, 2016

    The role of museums is changing. They are in the middle of a transformation to become more visitor-centric venues, offering a wider range of emotional experiences, not just presenting collections. And lighting is playing a very important role in enabling museums to succeed in this transformation


    Museums are becoming more accessible to a wider public, more people are seeing them as a day out, with family or friends. Another interesting phenomenon is the rise of temporary exhibitions. Thanks to the unique combination of venue and collection, these travelling exhibitions offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


    Not only seeing it as a way to improve the quality of exhibitions but also to preserve precious art, museums are looking for very high quality lighting that doesn’t harm masterpieces.  In addition, museums, like all public buildings, are under pressure to reduce energy consumption and seek more efficient solutions.

    philips stylid perfectbeam shining a new light in museums
    The Philips StyliD PerfectBeam spotlight answers all these requirements: it preserves art, while showcasing it to its fullest potential and evoking emotion from all those who admire it. PerfectBeam attracts and guides the viewers’ eye, enabling people to interpret even the smallest of details. Additionally, by having no harmful UV- or IR-components, PerfectBeam is able to provide exquisite visibility without damaging the art, and even the most delicate exhibits are protected.
    philips stylid perfectbeam shining a new light in museums
    Inspired by precision optics, such as those in camera lenses, PerfectBeam spotlights are equipped with a zoom mechanism and a variety of beam shaping lenses that are easy to adapt, making the fixture ideal for maximum flexibility. Whether it’s a temporary exhibition or a last-minute lighting design adjustment, PerfectBeam will be able to adapt. Finally, the use of the latest LED technology is also a guarantee for quality and the most efficient use of energy, enabling museums to achieve high energy savings as well.
    philips stylid perfectbeam shining a new light in museums

    Philips StyliD PerfectBeam has been nominated for the FX International Interior Design Awards 2016, with the ceremony taking place in London on November 30th 2016.


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