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    The Wonders of Hue


    December, 2016

    Having just been on holiday, it was less than easy to return to the cold, wet and dark winter of London. With security being my number one priority whilst I’m away, using the ‘ghost mode’ on the Philips Hue app is just one of the ways that I use my Hue connected lighting system to work within my day-to-day life.  With the app, there is no need to rely on old fashioned plug timers – you can set your lights to automatically turn on and off to mimic how you would usually use your lights, making it appear as if you are home. The peace of mind that my lights will reflect what I normally do within my home when I’m away gives me one thing less to worry about.


    Geofencing is another security feature which is key as the winter draws in. I live on a quiet dark road, so knowing that my lights will automatically turn on when I return home from work is reassuring. This feature is really easy to set up within the Philips Hue app, in the ‘routines’ tab.


    I have always used Hue to light my home and give it a warm and cosy feel in the evenings. The ‘relax’ colour recipe at this time of year is great, but having just returned from holiday I decided to play around with the app a little more. I now use pictures taken whilst I was away to recreate scenes which remind me of my relaxing holiday.

    Using warm oranges and reds in my living room recreates the sunset that I not long ago sat in front of, creating the perfect cosy feel for over the Christmas period.


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