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    The Voice UK is over – what now?


    April, 2017

    You may remember my blog back in February where I spoke about The Voice UK and the exciting integration of Philips Hue lights with the show. Having watched the show every week and synced my Hue lights with the app, I have discovered how much better my experience was when my Hue picked out different lights from the stage. It was like the colours were dancing in stereo to the music right in my living room.

    So what do I do now The Voice UK is all over? It turns out I have just scratched the surface of what I can do with Hue in my house when it comes to entertainment. There is a whole range of 3rd party apps that work with Hue that are designed to make music, TV and gaming more fun, real and exciting. The one I am discovering right now is Hue disco which recognises the music I am playing through the phone’s speaker and literally turns any of my rooms into a dancefloor! With the mood function, I can choose a themed colourset and time interval so that the lights change in a looped sequence. This party piece is a sure way to get everyone up of the sofa and bust some moves! The other one which is great for creating immersive light effects when watching movies and TV is Hue TV. By aiming my phone’s camera at the TV, the app picks the most prominent colours and my lights synchronize with them.


    Aside from entertainment, I am also learning how I can use Hue to make life simpler and generally be more organised. I love that I can use lights to schedule my day and give me the right type of light at the right time. My body clock is feeling pretty good right now! I am starting to set timers and reminders with IFTTT, another app which is worth checking out! To discover the full range of exciting 3rd party apps that work with Philips Hue and what they can do, visit this link. The possibilities are endless!

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