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    The top 5 ways your home tech works together


    June, 2017

    It’s difficult to describe that feeling you get when your tech devices speak to each other. The feeling when you want something to happen and it just works, without any messing about.


    With clever devices from a range of brands making their way into many homes, the Smart Home revolution is well and truly upon us. And the best thing: as more tech makes it into our homes, we’re finding new ways for devices to work together.


    To find out about some of the surprising ways Smart Home devices can work together, we got in touch with Maplin, the UK’s #1 specialist technology retailer.


    Here’s Maplin’s top five ways your home tech works together:


    1. Amazon Echo + Spotify


    Alexa, play my summer playlist


    Voice assistants have revolutionised the way we use home tech, bringing everything together and making it so much easier to interact with devices.


    They’re particularly useful for streaming music. Just hook your Amazon Echo up with Spotify on your phone and create a playlist (hint: call it ‘my summer sounds’), then say “Alexa, play my summer sounds”. Now you can enjoy your favourite tunes in the sun without lifting a finger. Bliss.


    2. Nest Protect + Philips Hue


    Shining a light on dangerous smoke


    Nest’s smoke alarm tells you exactly what’s wrong and where. So if there’s a fire or some badly burnt toast at home you’ll know straight away, even if you’re not there.


    When you pair Nest Protect with Philips Hue, your lights will automatically turn on if an alarm is triggered. That way you won’t be tripping over when you get out of bed to turn the alarm off. If carbon monoxide is ever detected, the lights will flash red for danger.


    3. Philips Hue + Fitness tracker


    The best way to start the day


    Traditional alarm clocks can make for a stressful start to the day, what with the loud noises and endless pushes of the snooze button. However, if you link your Philips Hue lighting system with a fitness tracker from the likes of FitBit* or Jawbone, you could have your bedroom lights gently fade in as you wake up. It’s the best way to start the day.


    *May require IFTT configuration


    4. Google Home + TP-Link Smart Plug


    Don’t get stuck behind the Christmas tree


    Okay, we know the festive period is a way off, but this is really useful.


    This December, plug your Christmas lights into a TP-Link Smart Plug that you can hook up with Google Home. Then just ask Google to switch the Christmas lights on and consider it done. No more rooting around under the Christmas tree.


    5. Connected devices + BT Whole Home WiFi


    Get connected for the Smart Home revolution


    Whether it’s smartphones, tablets, games consoles or Smart Home tech, we have more devices connected to the internet than ever before. That’s why it’s vitally important to have a strong home network.


    Mesh networking solutions from the likes of BT and Netgear give you complete coverage, letting you access superfast broadband speeds throughout your home. It’s the most effective way to make sure you’re connected for the Smart Home revolution.


    Maplin is the UK’s #1 specialist technology retailer, with an incredible Smart Home offering which includes all the tech listed here and more.


    They’re known for their industry-leading technical advice, and now Maplin can even install Smart Home and CCTV systems for you.


    Explore Smart Home at Maplin:


    Learn more about their installation services:


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