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    Lighting up the darker days of winter. Is the right light the answer to make that summer feeling last longer?


    November, 2017

    It’s of no surprise to my friends and family that I work for a company focused on the latest in advanced lighting technology. I’ve always been a gadget geek and an evangelist for how technological innovations can make our lives simpler and easier. Like a lot of people, the darker days of winter are when I’m reminded of how an absence of light can affect my mood. Darker mornings make it harder to get out of bed. During the day I feel less energised than I do in the summer.


    Understanding the benefits of LED lighting technology is my day job but it also helps me on a personal level at home. Take getting up in the morning. I’ve always found the 7am alarm call hard but even more so in the winter months. I loathe the jolt to my system when it’s pitch black outside, followed by the tentative walk to the bathroom half-asleep. In the winter, I’m a little less sure of my footing than when the summer sun is streaming in.


    So what advice can I offer to lessen the impact of winter on how you feel? From personal experience, I’ve found installing Hue White Ambience as a helpful way to illuminate the bedroom. It delivers different shades of white light that can change the look, feel and mood of the room. With a warm white light, my room becomes the perfect place to relax after a long day at work. The light can also be set to fade out gradually as the evening goes on. This tends to make you feel much more like falling asleep.


    An alternative for those winter evenings watching TV is adding subtle lighting behind the screen itself. The Philips Hue LightStrip Plus can provide a warm glow to enable an easier - and arguably funkier - viewing experience. It’s like staying the night in a cool hotel. You can add light strips underneath the bed or underneath cabinets to illuminate harder to reach darker areas you would never usually think about adding a light to. This type of lighting lends rooms a real feeling of space and unexpected lightness – particularly key in the winter.


    There are other innovations that can help during the night itself. I’ve recently introduced an Hue Motion Sensor under our bed. It means that if I need to go to the bathroom in the night, a gentle low-level night light comes on allowing me to make my way to the bathroom much more easily.  The sensor itself is tiny and intelligent sensing the movement of my feet as I get up. And it means I can move to the bathroom without disturbing my girlfriend, Holly.


    So as the hours of daylight become shorter and Brits brace ourselves for winter, I believe there are fewer reasons to harbour feelings of gloom.  Philips Hue offers the potential to maintain that positive feeling of health and wellbeing beyond the summer. As for the darker days, this gadget geek is about to embrace them.


    Discover more about how Philips Hue can bring light to the darkest of days here:

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