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    How does ‘Smart Home’ work in a family household? 


    April, 2017

    With ‘Smart Home’ the current tech trend, and Google Home launching this week on the 6th April, many of the innovators and technology minded of this world are now well settled into their connected home living, but what about those of us living in what we like to consider a ‘standard family home’.   I know that for me, on any given day when my young children have been in the house for any longer than 10 minutes, it had been hard enough to see how my home could qualify as a clean and tidy home let alone contemplating how it could ever be a smart, connected home; Is it possible to embrace smart, connected living in today’s family home…and perhaps more importantly do you have the time and energy to find out? 

    Indeed, when Philips launched Hue and I brought home my starter kit, it was greeted with the somewhat lacking enthusiasm and cynicism that I expected; after all, what is wrong with the light switches we have on the wall?  Well it wasn’t long before Hue became accepted as a full member of the family, providing wake-up-with-light routines, away from home security and even helping to teach our children their colours.


    Since then, Philips Hue has gradually helped our family home become ‘smarter and smarter’ through sensors, switches and most recently voice control with the arrival of Alexa via Amazon Echo.  Has all of this helped us achieve a feng shui house free of chaos?...of course not.  But to enter a room hands-full unable to hit the light switch, to be greeted anyway by light thanks to a Hue motion sensor, which means you can avoid falling over the days obstacle course of toys…and that same sensor when activated during the night to trigger the lights at a dimmed level to guide children to the bathroom – now that IS smart!


    For me Smart homes don’t need to be modern, contemporary or even require you to be a technology lover.  The key to a smart home of today is that it is built on simple to set-up, easy to operate and above all reliable pieces of kit.  The smart home is not about showing off and trying to emulate the future, it’s about using technology to make life that little bit easier, whoever you are!  

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