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    5 ways retail experience is transforming into a theatrical experience


    September, 2016

    Lighting in the retail space has become increasingly more important. By using new innovations and LED technology the act of shopping is being transformed into something more than just ‘buying things’ - it now entails a complete experience that is unique to the brand and store.

    1. Lighting allows retailers to highlight the star of the show

    Products are the star and should be treated as such. By strategically placing emphasis in certain areas, retailers can dictate the line of sight for consumers in order to lead them to particular products, highlight specific products, promote a particular lifestyle aspiration, or the unique identity of a leading brand. 
    2. Lighting sets the mood and creates individuality

    The latest trends gives retailers an option to choose a certain LED ‘flavour’ which accurately matches their brand identity and makes the shop space completely unique to create a store’s unique light ‘signature.’ Brands can have their store reflect their brand message and even emphasise a specific message, creating a sense of flagship presence.
    3. The dressing room becomes a personal stage

    Studies show that 60% of shopping decisions are made in the fitting room, so it’s vital that customers see themselves in a flattering light. By altering the setting of LEDs through an interactive control panel it is possible to see how a dress looks in broad daylight or for an evening event. 
    4. Lighting can transport consumers to a different world

    What if the retail experience could transport customers to another world? The in-store experience can be enhanced even further when light is used to set an entirely different scene. Brands can create their own climate escape (and subsequent unique customer experience) by utilising specific and customised lighting effects to match their needs.


    5. Shop windows set the scene for retail stores

    Given that retail is moving towards creating a unique experience for the customer, the shop window cannot be overlooked. Philips has been working with concepts for dynamic shop windows in order to bring drama to the front of the store and entice shoppers to come inside. Research shows we only have 6 seconds to draw the shopper into the store – so an eye-catching display is critical. 

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