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    5 reasons you should be investing in smart home security


    November, 2016

    October was National Home Security Month (NHSM), aiming to raise awareness of the importance of home security as the evenings draw darker. As a result, NHSM’s headline sponsor Yale, is discussing the new smart security available and why tech savvy homeowners should consider investing in these devices to help secure their home.

    Ease of Access

    Being able to access and control devices from anywhere, at anytime at the touch of a button is a key requirement for homeowners looking to purchase the latest gadgets. With smart security products, now you can, simply by using a smartphone app. For instance, CCTV kits can now be accessed via your smartphone to give you a live stream of your property.
    Real-time Updates

    Previously, if your home alarm had been triggered, you wouldn’t know until you were home. However, now with internet-enabled security devices, alarms, CCTV and even door locks can send notifications, emails and images to your smartphone or tablet to alert you of any changes.
    Convenient Monitoring

    Smart CCTV systems allow you to view your property and record footage onto a hard drive, which can prove invaluable if you ever need to supply evidence to the police. However, these systems don’t have to just be for keeping an eye out for burglars. For extra peace of mind, you can also check your kids are home safely or if your pet is chewing the furniture! What’s more, with smart locks you can keep track of who is coming in and out of your home and if your door is unlocked and vulnerable.

    No more lost keys

    Are you or your children forever losing your house keys? Smart locks rid the need for keys allowing you to gain access via a keytag, keyfob, PIN code or smartphone.


    The main benefit of smart technology for unsure homeowners is that there is no obligation to spend lots of money on a complete automated home system. You can purchase singular devices that work as standalone products and build out the system as you wish to at a later date. What’s more, this is not confined to home security products either and with a smart home hub, you can connect your security devices with other technology such as Philips Hue lighting, to create a truly smart experience at your own pace.

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