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The marketeer strikes back – installing Interact Pro


August, 2018

Ok so excuse the title… it may not last long before George Lucas’ legal team have words and make me change it. For those that read my first blog on marketing being volunteered to install and commission an Interact Pro system to prove how simple it is – welcome back. For those that missed the first part, quick summary: Marketing 1 – 0 Orangutan. If that’s not quite enough detail you can read the first blog here.

The installation is a small office in Farnham for a design agency. After installing the system we agreed to leave it running for a while without the controls or scheduling elements of Interact Pro active. So essentially it was just a normal light system that had been changed to LED, just with wireless connectivity. Now in case you are thinking that this is a bit of a cop out and I haven’t had to do anything particularly difficult yet, you are right. But so far I have gotten away with claiming I am an expert and that it was really difficult. There is a good chance my boss won’t read this either, so I’d say at least a 70% chance that I am in the clear. 

The marketeer strikes back – installing Interact Pro

Anyway, my colleague and I returned to their office to set up the lighting behaviour and scheduling. I’d watched a tutorial and used apps before. How hard could it be?

Actually… that wasn’t the hard bit as the app is pretty straightforward. The main issue was a lack of concentration on my behalf. Like a kid at Christmas I got a bit excited playing around with automated scheduling of the lights to go on and off. Really easy to set up and a great way to ensure energy isn’t wasted. Not so great if you set a schedule to turn of all the lights at 6PM every evening and plunge an impromptu meeting into darkness. Sorry guys.

I’d gone home as well by the time they discovered this… luckily Interact Pro allowed me to make the adjustment to the scheduling instantly via my phone from my sofa. So I saved myself a round trip of an hour and didn’t have to see the glaring faces of the employees back in the office. Most importantly of all I got to watch another couple of episodes of Timeless on Netflix. Seriously worth a watch… it’s just awesome! I might have gone a little off topic... 

The marketeer strikes back – installing Interact Pro

Sensor behaviour has less scope to play with, and so less scope to mess up. All I really had to do was talk to the owner of the business and to the employees to understand how they used the space and making sure that the lighting supported that accordingly.

That’s the best bit of advice I can give about installing not just Interact Pro but any lighting control system by the way. Talk to the wider team. Learn how they use the space (not really possible in new buildings but you know what I’m getting at). With smart systems like this that are easily dimmable and have elements of personal control, individuals can set up lights to suit them best but it does need some forethought to help make this easy for them.

The upshot of all this though is that the system works – we know the savings LED provides and thanks to Interact Pro we can see which areas are using the most energy and work out how we can reduce this. In the end they saved 79% of the energy they were using on lighting. And I felt a small amount of pride at a job done – even if not done that well.

If you want to learn more about Interact Pro, or see if you can do a better job than me – visit the webpage

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