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    Showcasing Connected Lighting Systems


    January, 2017

    As with many technological developments, ‘seeing is believing’ when it comes to connected lighting. 

    While today’s connected lighting systems can do so much more than illuminate, some of the most valuable benefits typically relate to an organisation’s core business objectives. 


    Whether a core objective is designing cities that are safer and more responsive, managing buildings more environmentally or making store visits more inspiring, seeing (and experiencing) the benefits of actual connected lighting systems can lead to a clearer understanding of the real benefits. 


    To help organisations consider the value that light can deliver beyond illumination for them, we have created a ‘Connected Lighting Showcase’ in our office in Guildford where customers can bring their colleagues together to discuss and experience lighting systems first-hand. 


    Indoor Positioning which uses VLC, or visible light communication, is one of the systems demonstrated. When used in conjunction with a mobile app, VLC can pinpoint the location and orientation of a mobile device to within a 30cm range accuracy.


    In our showcase, we use Indoor Positioning to invite visitors to view details of a featured case study, access a brochure and grab a “cuppa” before a meeting starts.  Which invitation appears when is determined by the visitor’s precise location. The “invitations” come in the form of ‘pop up messages’ on a mobile device. 

    Showcasing Connected Lighting Systems Philips Lighting

    In a typical retail environment, when combined with the retailer’s app, the same lighting system could be used to engage shoppers with offers, show them the location of products or promotions or provide them with a particular path to a location in the store. 


    Beyond Indoor Positioning, the showcase also features other lighting systems and services: 

    • Connected office lighting using Power over Ethernet (POE) technology is used throughout the Philips Lighting office
    • CityTouch software, most often used to control city street lighting, can be used to monitor and control our car park lighting
    • A ‘Service Tag’ demonstration illustrates how this functionality can delivery valuable benefits to councils and local authorities.
    • Philips Hue, our connected home proposition


    Interested in learning more about how Philips connected lighting systems and services could help you and your organisation?  Please get in touch with me via Twitter @AnnBurni to schedule a visit to our Connected Lighting Showcase in Guildford. 

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