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    April, 2017

    I often speak to customers about a lighting upgrade at their industrial facilities.  Many of them operate in a 24/7 environment and a common concern is the disruption to their operations during the installation process.   


    The great news is that wireless technology can now address many of these issues.


    During a recent installation of the Philips GreenWarehouse System at Albon Engineering & Manufacturing plc in Rochford, a project we did in conjunction with Energy Works, we captured the upgrade in a time lapse video to show our customers how this can be achieved without any downtime involved.  



    As with most of our projects, with careful planning and execution, we were able to complete the installation across their 225,000 sq ft site with minimal disruption to day to day running of the business.


    The end result delivered an average annual saving of 47% and a substantially improved lit environment for the team at Albon Engineering & Manufacturing plc. 


    To discover more about this project, view the time lapse video here.

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