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    See your landmark in a new light


    April, 2017

    One of the most rewarding elements of my role as design manager for customised external solutions at Philips Lighting is helping cities and local authorities bring their vision for a particular area or landmark to life.

    Few countries can boast the diversity of architecture that we have here in the United Kingdom, where buildings and locations of historical and cultural significance sit alongside modern buildings and the essential infrastructural elements that keep a town and city location vibrant and meeting the changing needs of those who live and work there.

    Whether it’s working with a listed building, a coastal environment or a unique urban hub location, customised elements, such as columns, brackets and specialist fittings, can often play a key role in delivering on the intended vision.

    The customised elements may be needed to reflect the unique character of an area and/or to ensure the lighting design and required light levels can be realised without damaging or disturbing a listed building.

    On one recent project with the Sunderland Council, for example, our dynamic lighting helped to create a new public space and rejuvenate the city centre location.  Five bespoke wood lighting columns were a central element to the Keel Square project.  The style and detailing, reminiscent of the area’s ship building heritage, were combined with a robust, fit for purpose structure that provided valuable strength and ability to add additional features such as the ‘ceiling of light’ at Christmas or sound and lighting bars for events. The tallest feature column also illuminates and highlights a key architectural feature of the adjacent Grade II listed Magistrates Court building while a dancing water feature, commissioned by Value Added Partners, Lite, helps to create a vibrant location that brings a new lease on life to the city centre.


    Interested in learning more, please have a look at the full Keel Square case study or get in touch to discuss how Philips can help you see your landmark in a whole new light.

    See your landmark in a new light

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