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New LED lighting solutions promise to transform our current offices. Could they make us more productive too?


October, 2017

Who doesn’t want to work in an office that is smarter? One that knows your individual preferences when it comes to your choice of room temperature, or the intensity and type of light you prefer at work. The good news is that these advances are now being made with LED lighting technology and the impact could soon be felt by more of us in our existing offices, not just those which are great architectural visions and yet to be built.

The effect of lighting on how we work and our productivity is increasingly being recognised. A study undertaken by the Centre for Performance at City University in London concluded that lighting is one of several factors that combine to create healthy work environments that in turn help promote employee engagement, well-being and productivity. But innovations in LED technology at work also bring flexibility and cost benefits to office managers as well.

If you take an inspiring office design such as The Edge in Amsterdam; this multi-tenanted building now ranks as one of the most sustainable office buildings in the world. It incorporates a connected lighting system that enables employees to personalise the lighting and temperature at their workspaces via a smartphone app. The system also delivers data on activities in the workplace that helps further reduce the CO2 footprint.

Of course, most us aren’t working in offices with such enviable designs. However, InterAct Office the connected lighting system from Philips Lighting, enables you to harness the Internet of Things to transform your existing building and save up to 80% on energy. Light fittings can be installed with integrated sensors which collect anonymised data on lighting performance and how your team is using the workplace. The lighting performance can be monitored remotely on a dashboard whilst also bringing personalised benefits to employees.

The positive impact on individuals of InterAct Office are fused with financial benefits for organisations too. No upfront investment is needed, maintenance is managed by Philips Lighting and you can scale up your lighting as the business expands. It’s a new model that we believe has great promise, delivering advantages for office managers and wellbeing benefits for employees too.

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