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    Lighting up the Internet of Things


    April, 2017

    The speed of change driven by technology is incredible.  Back in 1982, I remember watching Michael Knight (Knight Rider) speaking into his watch. Now we can answer a call, check emails and look the part with a single device. 

    Likewise, the lighting industry has changed more in the last 10 years than it did in the past century.  But what does the change really mean, particularly in the office arena, a topic close to my heart? 

    While lighting upgrades have long been associated with delivering energy efficiency, we are now just seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of the value that connected lighting can bring by further connecting workspaces and people.

    One colleague aptly put it this way - POE cables in the ceiling represent a highway of information, yet we’re all generally still riding a bicycle along that highway. 

    When IoT connects lighting and other connected devices and software, we can get actionable insights for decision making in areas like footfall, traffic flow, space optimisation, productivity. Rather than projections, building owners and operators can get real data to make business decisions and unlock the true value of the data and their estate.


    I look at it this way:

    • Connected luminaires share information on the status of the lighting itself
    • Connected spaces integrate sensors which can collect and share data and allow system integration into a building’s digital ecology to increase efficiency
    • Connected people allows location based services that enhance the experience for building occupants and in turn offer greater insight into how a building is used. 

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