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    Lighting the way towards a Circular Economy


    March, 2017

    Our planet’s resources are not infinite. With the world’s population growing exponentially and natural resources becoming increasingly constrained, simply using less is no longer enough. We must shift our mindset and focus on how we design, manufacture, use and dispose of all the physical things in our world.


    The alternative is to embrace the circular economy and design for longevity, multiple re-use and eventual recycling. At Philips Lighting we are already championing the principles of the circular economy. As part of a Managed Services model, Philips Lighting installs, maintains and manages lighting throughout its lifecycle, making it possible for customers in commercial settings to purchase light as a service (LaaS) rather than invest in new hardware upfront. Customers such as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands whose recently completed Departure Lounge 2 uses circular lighting provided by Philips Lighting. Under this scheme, Schiphol pays for the light it uses, while we organise the repurposing of all fixtures and installations at the end of contract.


    Philips’ new Pacific LED gen4 is the first in a new range of circular lighting ready luminaires specially designed to be used under this Managed Services model. Philips Pacific LED gen4 is a luminaire aimed at commercial installations and designed for multiple re-use and eventual recycling.  The waterproof luminaire is constructed in a modular way with a re-usable gear tray, clips and brackets. Its modular assembly and design provides the benefits of easy maintenance, easy upgrades including adding Actilume sensors, traceability and disassembly. This optimises the performance of the luminaire throughout and after its lifetime and means it can be re-used and eventually recycled.


    Each luminaire has a service maintenance tag (QR code) and is uniquely identifiable to ensure seamless maintenance, performance and repurposing after its first use cycle.


    Philips Pacific LED gen4 is designed to use natural resources in a more effective way. The luminaire’s features are designed for minimal loss of value, quality and energy impact with potential for some reuse of materials.


    By opting for circular lighting customers can benefit from the very latest LED lighting technology, with longer life and significant energy savings, without the normal investment costs. 


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