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    Morning, noon or night: Know what your lighting system is up to with Philips Envision Manager Web


    September, 2016

    Retail Indoor lighting GPS app - Philips Lighting
    The way office spaces are used has evolved over recent decades, evolving from  from private offices,to more open plan styles. Traditionally, facility managers and building owners adapted to these trends through manual and laborious processes,  maintaining records of space allocation, employee seating arrangements and  time cards manually. This was expensive, time consuming and the information was often not current or accurate.

    As part of the connected lighting ecosystem, LED luminaires with their onboard intelligence have transformed lighting into one of the most important subsystems in the building. They provide an unique entry point for collecting various data and events from large quantity of sensors embedded in them. These advancements have unlocked new avenues for the facility managers to receive comprehensive real-time and historical views of a building’s usage and activity on a back end software management tool like Philips’ EnvisionManager. This allows them to not only optimize energy efficiency but also enhance their space based on its utilization while giving office workers a high degree of comfort and control over their environment.
    Store GPS app - operated thanks to Philips Lighting
    As a system management software tool, Philips’ EnvisionManager brings data to life in a meaningful and accessible format so that building users and operators can be informed, adjust behaviours or control related systems and get a better performance in their business as a result. An intuitive graphical user interface can be configured to display energy-usage information for the whole site, by building, floor or department. If internal reorganisations occur, the system can be simply reconfigured to accommodate these changes.
    Store GPS app - operated thanks to Philips Lighting

    The software allows the building manager to observe unusual building occupancy patterns and control system usage as well as monitoring certain building activities such as cleaning or security mode functions. Moreover, the software can accurately track and report on lamp run time, driver performance and fault finding within a particular area or zone, adding to operational and maintenance cost reduction.


    With such a powerful tool, managers can now selectively measure the performance of their building against various operational budget targets and at the same time be future ready for new trends in Internet of Things (IoT) and connected lighting.

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