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    Delivering mutual value through cooperative partnerships


    November, 2016

    Since the invention of electric light, we have used it in essentially the same way: we purchase lamps and light fittings we find attractive or functional, and when they are no longer needed or no longer function, we dispose of them. But things could be different, and much more sustainable.


    Next week at the REbus Celebration of Resource Efficient Business Models conference I will be exploring how the principles of the circular economy can be applied to lighting in a session on ‘cooperative partnerships - developing new business models that deliver mutual value’. A key focus of the presentation will be the journey we have been on with the National Union of Students (NUS) over the past couple of years and the partnership model we have created.


    The NUS want to lead by example and inspire future generations of students in its practices with a real drive for sustainability excellence. Whilst redeveloping a new headquarters in central London, the NUS engaged with Philips to look at doing things differently with sustainability at its core. LED technology has provided lighting solutions that are now much more energy efficient, have enhanced controls and with a much longer life - opening up new opportunities for long term partnership models.

    For the NUS the partner needed to become their trusted advisor, maintain their lighting assets and provide the required lighting levels across their building. Therefore the NUS and Philips created ‘lighting as a service’, whereby Philips retains responsibility for the performance of the lighting, encompasses a total managed service provision and a warranty solution that fits within the 15 year timescale of the contract. A true cradle to cradle solution.


    It was the first of a kind and a pleasure to develop it alongside such a forward thinking organisation for their benefit and the benefit of others. I look forward to talking more about this model at the conference next week.


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