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    Bringing the power of GPS indoors  


    September, 2016

    Retail Indoor lighting GPS app - Philips Lighting

    All around the world, people depend on GPS to find their way from place to place, get information about their immediate surroundings, and work efficiently.


    At Philips Lighting, we believe that by turning the existing lighting infrastructure into a wall-to-wall, hyper-accurate indoor positioning grid, we can bring that same life-enhancing capability to interior environments – and deliver value beyond illumination.

    Retail game-changer


    In the era of the ‘smartphone shopper’, one of the best ways retailers can increase shopper engagement is by enriching their store app with location-based services that address the real needs and wishes of shoppers. That way, it’s goodbye shopping stress and inefficiency, hello convenience, inspiration and fun.


    With the introduction of the Philips indoor positioning system, retailers can enjoy instant, real-time positioning to 30 cm/1 ft and orientation – simply by using our high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting!


    How does it work?


    The Philips indoor positioning system consists of LED fixtures that not only light up the store, but also use patented Visible Light Communications technology to send out a unique code. This code can be detected with any smartphone camera, allowing the system to pinpoint the shopper’s location in the store and deliver relevant services. 

    Store GPS app - operated thanks to Philips Lighting
    Philips LED-based  indoor positioning is easy to scale, foot-level (30cm), does not require aditional investments besides the light fixtures themselves, and offers at least 50% energy savings

    Proven shopper interest


    To illustrate the benefits the Philips indoor positioning system can deliver, we commissioned research among 3,000 people. This research demonstrated that shoppers have a very real interest in location-based services and that these services can boost usage of stores’ mobile apps.


    So why wait? With the arrival of the Philips indoor positioning system, there really is no time like the present for retailers to drive operational efficiencies, rejuvenate their stores and, above all, engage the digital shopper.

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