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    Add more value by simplifying your maintenance with the right controls


    February, 2017

    The benefits of LED are accepted throughout the industry – long life and low energy usage have been compelling hooks for hundreds of retailers, inspiring them to embark on large scale rollouts around the world. Stores are now better lit, creating an inviting environment for shoppers and improved energy efficiency.

    Today many retailers are looking to take things one step further to deliver greater flexibility and discover what additional savings can be achieved. The challenge is many are not clear on what lighting has been installed where and when across their estate. It is not uncommon for this scenario to arise when a store refresh is being considered and a few years have passed since the initial installation.  Drawings are often lost and when personnel move on, knowledge may not be adequately passed on.  So, after 20,000 burn hours, will a maintenance engineer recognise which manufacturer supplied the luminaires and which particular downlights were used? Generally, the answer is “no.” 

    Add more value by simplifying your maintenance with the right controls

    Recent digital innovations can help retailers on a very practical level to more effectively maintain their estates, freeing up valuable time and resources to further improve efficiencies and enhance in-store experiences for customers.

    As a digital technology, LED lighting can be combined with lighting controls, to harness data and enable smart decision making. With a networked lighting controls system, retailers can monitor the health of an estate and ensure maintenance is planned efficiently. For example, control gear is the Achilles’ heel of a luminaire, but, in a given situation, is it better to opt for spot replacement or a mass refit? Having the data to hand showing how many fixtures are on their last legs enables customers to make better decisions. And, importantly results in a reduction in operational costs.

    Lighting control systems such as Envision Manager also give the location of a luminaire, allowing maintenance teams clear guidance on what needs to be repaired and the components required for the job. What’s more, remote testing can now ensure emergency lighting systems are fully operational.

    When looking to optimise operational efficiencies do not under estimate what lighting controls systems can do for your business. 

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