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Circular economy: a new business model for lighting



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For thousands of years, and especially since the Industrial Revolution, the global economy has been developing according to a linear model of progress. But such “take-make-waste” methods of production and consumption are no longer feasible, with the world’s population growing exponentially and natural resources becoming increasingly constrained.


The new alternative is making the transition to a circular economy. In this regenerative system, economic growth is decoupled from the one-time use of natural resources – for example, by relying on renewable energy and by minimizing waste. As a leader in CSR and innovation, Philips Lighting is looking to implement circular-economy insights throughout its businesses.


In this Light Bite you will see how we have created a unique value proposition through an innovative business model: “Light as a Service”. Under this new paradigm, clients do not purchase any hardware; they buy a given amount and quality of illumination, while individual products can be returned to the manufacturer for refurbishment, parts harvesting or recycling.


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Meet your host:

Nick Kelso

Nick Kelso is Senior Communications Manager at Philips Lighting Africa. He has a strong interest in developing awareness for new areas or themes in the lighting business.

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