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Conventional lighting is well established in the industry and has a proven track record in terms of quality, reliability and value for money. Our broad portfolio consists of different lamp technologies (including Halogen, Fluorescent, Compact Fluorescent Integrated and Non-Integrated, Compact High Intensity Discharge, High Intensity Discharge and incandescent), as well as the corresponding luminaires, lighting electronics and starters.

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Check which impacted halogen lamps are being replaced by Philips LED spots.


The EU is phasing out inefficient light sources from September 2016. Make sure you replace your halogens with Philips LED spots.

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What are the differences between conventional and LED lighting?


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Halogen lighting

A halogen lamp is similar to an incandescent lamp. The difference is that it contains a tungsten filament that contains an inert gas and halogen gases. This makes the halogen lamps brighter and last longer than conventional incandescent lamps.


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All there is to know about HID lighting

HID lighting creates light by igniting an electrical discharge between two electrodes in an air tight tiny quartz capsule filled with xenon gas.


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Pure sparkle, pure savings


A high-intensity beam of crisp white light makes your merchandise look stunning, while stable color and lumen output over time keep your store in the spotlight season after season. Add to this the low cost of ownership and you have the ideal choice for all of your retail needs.


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Fluorescent lamps belong to the family of low pressure mercury gas discharge lamps. They exist in both tubular and compact versions. A fluorescent lamp converts electrical power into useful light more efficiently than an incandescent lamp.


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A compact fluorescent light bulb

Compact fluorescent


A compact fluorescent lamp is an energy-saving light, that is designed to replace an incandescent lamp.


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Incandescent light bulb



The incandescent lamp makes light by heating a metal filament wire to a high temperature until it glows. The hot filament is protected from air by a glass bulb that is either filled with inert gas or evacuated.


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Expand your lighting knowledge. With the many learning module we offer, we bridge the gap between cutting edge lighting innovation and the real-world solutions required by professionals.

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