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Smart lighting at

Clarks central warehouse

Clarks central warehouse in Somerset, UK


See how leading shoe manufacturer C & J Clark Ltd (Clarks) reduced lighting energy consumption and created a more comfortable lit environment for staff at its central warehouse facility with Philips GreenWarehouse smart lighting system.

Clarks Westway

Philips won the tender
based on the

quality of its products and technology, expertise and project management capabilities"


- Jayne Lomax, Group Head of Facilities Management at Clarks

Clarks Westway
Clarks Westway

Customer Challenge


Clarks wanted to reduce energy consumption at its Westway facility while also improving the quality of lighting  and enhancing working conditions for staff. It was also important that the lighting upgrade did not disrupt the 24/7 operations at Westway.

Clarks Westway

The right lighting

Addressing these challenges required a flexible lighting design that combines efficient lighting with smart controls to create a dynamic system that is responsive to variable occupancy levels throughout the warehouse areas. The GreenWarehouse lighting system, alongside Philips’ project management expertise, has proved to be the ideal solution.
Clarks Westway

Pacific LED Green Parking WT460X

Based on the newest LED technology and optics, Pacific LED Green Parking with presence-detection controls is an innovative, flexible and fully retrofit system for onsite facilities managers and parking operators who want to reduce their energy consumption and the related CO2 emissions.


    Energy savings of up to 80% compared to fluorescent are achievable, without compromising on safety

    Fully retrofit system, no need for new cables; easy commissioning with self-addressing

    Full system warranty; service offer possible for 10 years guarantee

Creating a more comfortable 
lit environment for staff

The team



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