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St Pancras

Road Underpass

St Pancras Road Underpass, Camden, London, United Kingdom


See how Philips used FlowStar LEDs to reduce costs for Camden council.

St Pancras Road Underpass

We were able to  

the existing system to minimise the contrast for drivers.”


- John Broster, SPIE

Lighting St Pancras Road Underpass
Lighting St Pancras Road Underpass

Customer challenge


The underpass is a busy traffic, cycle and pedestrian route to both St Pancras and King’s Cross rail stations, as well as providing access to the Council’s new offices. It was previously lit by around 100 twin lamp metal halide fittings.

Lighting St Pancras Road Underpass

The right lighting 

The lighting design was carried out by Philips and the new luminaires were installed by main contractor SPIE.


The stainless steel FlowStar luminaires have been installed on a one-for-one replacement basis, to provide energy savings of over 50%. The new lighting has increased light levels and uniformity to remove the gloom, while the 4000K neutral white colour temperature has created a better and more inviting visual environment for users of the underpass. Overall the new lighting has made the tunnel feel safer and a more pleasant place to use. The project also provided an ideal opportunity to change the control strategy to align it to current best practice of BS5489-1:2013.


In upgrading to FlowStar LED luminaires Camden Council has achieved a significant reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions, while also reducing maintenance costs as the luminaires are virtually maintenance-free throughout their lifetime. A five year pay-back is envisaged.

St Pancras Road Underpass

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