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M3 Hampshire

Lighting the M3,
Hampshire, UK


Philips improves road safety with an energy efficient, LED lighting solution.

M3, Hampshire

By using the

LED technology, we have been able to provide high quality reliablelighting…"
M3, Hampshire
M3, Hampshire

Customer challenge


EM Highway Services has upgraded the lighting on a key stretch of the M3 motorway, which links South West London with Southampton.

M3, Hampshire

The right lighting 


The focus of the upgrade is one of the main routes into Southampton, the section of the M3 between Junctions 13 – 14, near Chandlers Ford. EM Highway Services operates and maintains this portion of the M3 on behalf of the Highways Agency.

In identifying the new lighting, the use of sustainable practices and the desire to find the most efficient solution were key considerations, especially as monitoring of energy usage on this section revealed that the lighting was the main energy user.

The upgrade to LED involved replacing existing 250W and 150W high pressure sodium fittings with Luma 3. A total of 476 Luma 3 luminaires were installed, creating even light levels and distribution across multiple lanes, whilst adhering to strict lighting standards.

A modular solution, Luma 3 provides great flexibility through a choice of LED configurations combined with a variety of high performance optics to deal with the multiple lumen package requirements of at times a 10 lane arrangement.

  • Luma
    Luma is a REVOLED™ road-lighting luminaire with a clear design identity, offering a perfectly cooled, fit-and-forget solution for all streets and roads. The lumen package, lifetime...
    • Choice of lens optics to match international road and street geometries
    • Combination of lenses and tilt adjustment options ensures high project flexibility
    • Dedicated lumen packages deliver energy savings of over 50%, with a related reduction in CO2 emissions

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