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Superior colour rendering increases visibility, creating a safer working environment.

Associated British Port

The LED solution

by Philips offered high-quality illumination along with environmental benefits."
Associated British Ports

Customer challenge


ABP is Britain’s largest port operator, managing 21 sites across England,Scotland and Wales. With a strong focus on sustainability, ABP aimsto balance their commercial needs with caring for the environment.

Associated British Ports

The right lighting 

Two 25 metre high masts were installed at 100metres apart and Philips Luma 3 luminaires were used to achieve the desired light levels and uniformity. Throughout the process Philips worked collaboratively with the high mast specialist Outdoor Highlight LTD to ensure a smooth installation and all appropriate standards were met. A key benefit of the new lighting scheme is the quality of light generated.

Superior colour rendering and the luminaire’s white light, perceived as being brighter and more natural when compared to yellow light, has increased visibility thereby creating a safer working environment. Across its entire portfolio, ABP is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and seeking out more sustainable practices.

The success of this trial means that ABP is now willing to consider LED lighting across its entire estate and Philips is now in discussions with other ABP ports about adopting similar solutions.

  • Luma
    Luma is a REVOLED™ road-lighting luminaire with a clear design identity, offering a perfectly cooled, fit-and-forget solution for all streets and roads. The lumen package, lifetime...
    • Choice of lens optics to match international road and street geometries
    • Combination of lenses and tilt adjustment options ensures high project flexibility
    • Dedicated lumen packages deliver energy savings of over 50%, with a related reduction in CO2 emissions

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