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Revitalizing Freedom Square
with light


Szczecinek is the capital of the Polish county of Middle Pomerania and a popular tourist destination, thanks to sports facilities and leisure activities. Szczecinek is also the cultural capital of the district, attracting audiences to outdoor concerts, theatres, cabaret and other large-scale events.
Szczecinek, Poland

The project realization
was a conscious

and coherent complement of tasks aimed at improving the image of our city" 


- Daniel Rak, Deputy Mayor of Szczecinek

Find out how Philips Lighting helped to revitalize the Polish city of Szczecinek, using a classical lighting solution which improved the day and night time ambience of of the square for both residents and tourists

Customer Challenge


In order to boost night life and encourage more tourism also in the winter months, the city was looking for a way to enhance Freedom Square after dark. The aim was to create a lighting scheme that would reflect the 19th century architecture in the city’s central square without dominating the surrounding buildings. With concerns about the environment and budget restrictions, the city was keen to find the most energy efficient lighting solution. But next to efficiency, delivering high quality of light and complying with certain design specifications were also high on the list of requirements.

Polish city of Szczecinek using lighting solutions from Philips Lighting for the central square

The right lighting


The LED-based Philips ClassicStreet luminaire, with its distinctive traditional style, proved to be the perfect choice. The elegant, gently curved design with dedicated brackets and poles combines subtle details of heritage luminaires to blend seamlessly into historical architectural settings. The overall effect is a contemporary look that enhances the city square and creates beautifully warm night and also daytime ambiences. Enabled by the latest Philips Ledgine optical platform, ClassicStreet luminaires offer the ideal combination of high quality, comfortable lighting combined with performance and high efficiency. Although the number of lighting points has been increased to provide a uniform and pleasant light effect throughout the square, the ClassicStreet solution has reduced energy use by 42%, saving the city valuable funds. The strong partnership between the city authorities, architects and project executives ensured that the project accomplished all its objectives.

It has given the city’s central square an image makeover, improving comfort for residents and tourists and making it a more attractive destination after dark. 

Szczecinek - Energy saving of 42%
Energy saving of 42%
Szczecinek - Improve the image of the city's central location
Improve the image of the city's central location
Szczecinek - Increase comfort for residents and tourists
Increase comfort for residents and tourists
Szczecinek - Revitalize the square in the evening and at night
Revitalize the square in the evening and at night
  • ClassicStreet
    Recalling the iconic beauty of 20th-century street lanterns, ClassicStreet combines elegant design with the subtle details of heritage luminaires while meeting today's urban lighti...

A classical solution for 
the city of Szczecinek

The team

Municipality of Szczecinek


Architraw Szczecinek


Tebra Koszalin

General contractor 

Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowe A-T S.A. Krotoszyn

Project trade partner

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