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Bègles is a municipality in the county of Gironde in south-west France. With approximately 25,000 inhabitants, it’s a suburb of the city of Bordeaux, the country’s fifth largest city. In 2007, UNESCO recognized Bordeaux as a World Heritage Site.

Learn how the municipality of Bègles in France achieved increased energy savings and created a connection with its citizens using a custimized LED lighting solution from Philips.

Metronomis had
the added advantage

of being able to project customized light displays."


- Paul Trouillot, landscape architect

Philips Lighting: Bègles project, France
Philips Lighting: Bègles project, France

Customer challenge


Around 2010, the municipality decided to upgrade its urban lighting system. The key focus of the new project was to illuminate the busiest streets in the center of town. It was also critical that the new system delivered a high quality of light during the night and above all, that it made the town a better place to live for the local residents. What’s more, the system had to comply with French lighting regulations, particularly those governing spaces used by disabled people.

Philips Lighting: Bègles project, France

The right lighting


The project was initiated back in 2010 but as discussions evolved and lighting technology rapidly developed, LED became the obvious choice if the municipality wanted to maximize energy savings and take other ecological factors into account.


After deciding on LED lighting, more precisely selecting Metronomis LED and TownGuide luminaires,  the municipality also opted for Philips CityTouch, a remote lighting management system that enables lighting points to be monitored, managed and measured via easy-to-use web applications. It also allows city authorities to gain insights into the state of the installation by analyzing data provided by the system.


The Bègles installation has already inspired several new projects in the wider region. For example, Saint-Médarden-Jalles, a western suburb of Bordeaux, has also installed Metronomis LED luminaires along with the Philips CityTouch lighting management system.

Energy savings
Energy savings of 70%
high quality
High quality of night-time light
Special design
Special design element resembling the city’s symbol
Increased safety
Increased safety and quality of life for local residents
Welcoming environment
Welcoming environment for disabled people
Compliance with lighting
Compliance with lighting regulations regarding disabled people (20 lux on the ground with 0.4 uniformity)
Improved city image
Improved city image
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CityTouch is a software platform for outdoor lighting from Philips. It allows you to control street lights and analyze lighting data.

A leading example for the region

The Team

Municipality of Bègles



Urban planner

Eiffage Energie Aquitaine


Atelier Charrier


Paul Trouillot

Landscape architect

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