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An  innovative solution

Parking Massa,

Parking Massa realises 60% energy savings and benefits in terms of visual comfort and safety with the GreenParking system from Philips Lighting.
GreenParking system at Parking Massa, Italy

We are proud

to contribute to the first parking lot in Italy equipped with the innovative GreenParking technology. Thanks to our know-how, the municipality of Massa enjoys important improvements in terms of energy and money savings, and the population benefits from better well-being and safety.”

Daniela Pavone, Marketing Director Philips Lighting Italy, Greece and Israel.
GreenParking system at Parking Massa, Italy
GreenParking system at Parking Massa, Italy

Customer Challenge


The municipality of Massa was looking to select a partner which could offer an innovative solution and high energy efficiency for the new two-story underground parking lot and the square above it, located between via Bastione and via delle Mura Sud.

GreenParking system at Parking Massa, Italy

The right lighting


GreenParking is a smart system for covered parking lots which guarantees safety and visual comfort, while at the same time providing exceptional energy savings, low maintenance, and great durability.Thanks to its innovative functionalities, Philips GreenParking provides parking lot users with a new experience and a completely unique way to enjoy an ordinary environment, ensuring higher safety and enabling ease of movement throughout the building.

The lighting is activated before occupation, meaning that a vehicle approaching a corner or a pedestrian on a staircase or in a corridor will find the preceding area already lit, with obvious benefits in terms of visual impacts and safety. Thanks to LED lighting, the system can be controlled wirelessly and remotely to detect presence, allowing fast intervention when needed and noticeable savings on managing costs, with a fast ROI.

GreenParking system at Parking Massa, Italy
GreenParking system at Parking Massa, Italy
GreenParking system at Parking Massa, Italy



The perfect balance between safety and energy savings.


More about the system

60% energy savings

The team

Municipality of Massa


Gaina Ivano


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