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Conference Suite

Lighting the Avent Conference Suite,

See how innovative lighting solutions have updated the spaces at Philip's AVENT
Avent Conference Suite

The new lighting is

and has generated very positive feedback from visitors and staff alike.”

- Karl Rumball, Head of FM, AVENT

Avent Conference Suite

Customer challenge


Philips AVENT designs and manufactures a range of parenting and baby products and hosts a number of events in the visitors’ area at its facility in Glemsford, Suffolk. These include customer focus groups, local dignitaries and internal meetings.

Avent Conference Suite

The right lighting


Soundlight Comfort Ceiling, developed jointly by Philips Lighting and Ecophon, is designed to create indoor environments where light and sound behave in a more natural way, thereby making occupants more comfortable. The result is excellent sound absorption and improved speech clarity with balanced, diffuse light distribution. It also ensures high vertical illuminance levels to make the space feel more spacious.


The Soundlight Comfort Ceiling is linked to OccuSwitch DALI combined sensors and controllers that dim and switch the lighting in relation to occupancy and natural daylight levels, thereby enhancing energy efficiency.


The reception area has also been upgraded to LED lighting to enhance the first impressions of visitors and complement the quality of the lighting in the conference suite. This has involved a number of different luminaires, including SmartBalance and LumiStone suspended luminaires and StyliD downlighters.

  • LumiStone SP520P/SP522P/SP524P/SP526P
    LumiStone SP520P/SP522P/SP524P/SP526P

Lighting the Avent Conference Centre

The Team

Ecophon UK

Project partner

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