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The GreenManufacturing system has been installed in three production units. The functionality of the system can be adapted to individual areas based on behavioural patterns and the requirements of the people working there.
Novozymes, Denmark

With the

GreenManufacturing solution there was no need for new cables, which made it all very easy to install. I have already proposed the same solution to other customers."


– Martin Fehrn, Service Leader, Lindpro

Novozymes, Denmark
Novozymes, Denmark

Customer Challenge

Novozymes has three factories in which a large number of T8 neon tube light fittings needed replacing. Access conditions at all locations were generally difficult, making a traditional cable-based installation very time consuming. The plan therefore called for reuse of the existing cable installation, coupled with an intelligent solution to be able to control lighting levels as needed.
Novozymes, Denmark

The right lighting


The GreenManufacturing system has been installed in all three production units. Replacement was on a 1:1 basis, reusing the existing cables. A total of 4,400 Pacific and GentleSpace LED fittings were installed, plus 1,200 sensors able to communicate wirelessly with these fittings. No further installation work was needed, as the wireless sensors can be relocated when required.

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