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Avent Factory &  Warehouse

Philips Avent Factory 
and Warehouse

See how an LED lighting upgrade reduced energy consumption and improved light quality.
Philips Avent Factory and Warehouse

Both Powercor
and Philips

did a brilliant job and we are delighted with the results.”


- Karl Rumball, Head of Facilities, Philips AVENT

Philips Avent Factory and Warehouse
Philips Avent Factory and Warehouse

Customer challenge


A priority was to replace the ageing 400W and 450W high pressure sodium luminaires in the production area and warehouse. As well as being relatively inefficient, the lighting delivered poor colour rendering.

Philips Avent Factory and Warehouse

The right lighting 


Philips GentleSpace LED luminaires were selected to replace the sodium lighting in the production and warehousing areas, using bespoke high-output versions in the factory and special ‘high rack’ optics in the warehousing area. In the inspection area on the mezzanine, 2 x 58W fluorescent T8 fittings have been replaced with Pacific LED surface-mounted LED luminaires.

Kitchen LED fittings have been installed beneath the mezzanine. Upgrading to LED lighting has also enabled more precise control of the lighting than was possible with the sodium light sources. The lighting is now divided into seven zones, instead of the previous three, under the control of a Philips Dynalite lighting management system.

To minimise energy consumption the system uses daylight linking to dim the lighting in relation to the levels of daylight entering through rooflights. It is also linked to occupancy sensors in the warehouse area to dim the lighting in unoccupied aisles.

  • GentleSpace Green Warehouse system
    GentleSpace Green Warehouse system
    This dedicated system makes it easy for warehouse developers and facility managers to achieve maximum energy savings. It seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art LED lighting with an...
    • Optimal operating costs for a low investment
    • One system; works across other Philips product platforms – GentleSpace gen2, Maxos LED and Pacific LED
    • Future-proof system: wireless adjustment of lighting settings and fast re-zoning if use of space changes
  • Pacific LED WT460C
    Pacific LED WT460C
    If you want to save energy and at the same time cultivate a 'green' image, then LED lighting is for you.Featuring a fresh new design, a newly developed optical system and modules w...
    • Up to 53% energy saving compared with fluorescent solutions with electronic ballast up to 2 x 58 W
    • Designed for extreme conditions ranging from -30 ºC up to +45 ºC
    • Diverse optics including a new optical system for provide comfortable lighting at low ceilings

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