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Lighting Brighton Sea Life Centre, United Kingdom


See how the architecture of the Sea Life centre has been enhanced by Philips Lighting.


We are  

with the final result; the lighting has received very positive feedback” 


- Max Leviston, Sea Life Centre Manager.


Customer challenge


Sea Life Brighton is the world’s oldest operating aquarium and is one of the many entertainment venues operated throughout the world by Merlin Entertainments. Sea Life is dedicated to giving visitors an experience they will never forget.


The right lighting 

The ColorBlast fittings are used to create a rolling wave of colour along the length of the arcade. Initial thoughts were to use just blue and green to simulate the oceans but trials showed that a wider range of colours enhanced the displays by continually changing their appearance. 
The ColorBlast fittings are supplemented by Vaya LED floodlights above some of the tanks.


“We are delighted with the final result. From the initial ‘wow’ factor as visitors first come in, to the changing effects as they walk through the arcade, the lighting has transformed the arcade and received very positive feedback from staff and visitors alike,” Max Leviston concluded.

Lighting Brighton 
Sea Life Centre

The Team

Project Partners

Mico Lighting
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