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Lighting Nuffield
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Nuffield Health Centres,
London, UK


A healthy approach to lighting

Nuffield Health Case Study

We selected

because of their proven project management capabilities"


- Nuffield Health Sourcing Manager Nicola Vincent.

Nuffield Health Case Study

Customer challenge


Nuffield Health is a leading not for profit organisation that brings together hospitals, health clinics, fitness & wellbeing centres, and corporate wellbeing services. In 2013 they recognised the potential for upgrading lighting to LED technologies.

Nuffield Health Case Study

The right lighting 


Reflecting the diversity of the buildings involved, a wide range of Philips LED luminaires have been installed, with extensive use of fittings from theCoreLine family. These included CoreLine amenity fittings, downlights, recessed panels and both fixed & adjustable spotlights, with LuxSpace Mini downlights in showers changing rooms and pool areas. Accent lighting in areas such as receptions and bars is provided using StyliD LED projectors.The rollout is continuing across the remainder of the Fitness & Wellbeing sites and Nuffield Health and Philips are currently evaluating the potential forupgrading lighting across the organisation From the early design stages of the project Philips has adopted an end-to-end ownership approach to Nuffield Health’s lighting requirements. In doing so it has helped to ensure the lighting creates the best environment for the organisation’s members while alsoreducing cost of ownership and environmental impact.

  • CoreLine Surface-mounted
    CoreLine Surface-mounted
    Whether for a new building or renovation of an existing space, customers want lighting solutions that provide quality of light and substantial energy and maintenance savings. The n...
    • Enables a simple switch from basic conventional luminaires to LED luminaires
    • Energy saving of up to 45% compared to functional TL-D luminaires
    • Slim design with a height of less than 40 mm
  • LuxSpace, recessed
    LuxSpace, recessed
    Customers are looking to optimize all their resources, and that means not just their running costs (energy, etc.) but also their human resources. Energy savings are therefore a pri...
    • Best-in-class efficacy
    • Creates a gentle, natural light, ensuring visual comfort
    • Perfect integration with the ceiling thanks to the thin, narrow rim; rimless version ideal for integration into plaster ceilings

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